Pricing& Specials


Spring Conditioning Bundled Service Package

$85 + $10 ranch call fee

(limited availability)

1-Dynamic Assessment:

 Observing/assessing the equine as they move.

2-Static Assessment:

 Detailed assessment with manual palpation nose to hoof to tail.

(Feeling for areas of soreness, stiffness, heat, swelling,

malalignments and impingements.)


 Various manual techniques and Magna Wave PEMF specific to your horses needs, based on the assessment sand tolerance to such techniques.

4-Exercise program and Suggestion for Conditioning


to appropriate practitioner, for concerns beyond our scope

6-Continued Support:

 A written, detailed report, with findings, follow-up and recommendations (to be mailed the next day).

Service is approx. 2hrs in duration.

~Special lasts until the end of April~

Massage Pricing

Single Massage (Regular Price)


Magna Wave PEMF


Ranch Calls

$10.00 within 50 miles, $1 for every 10 miles after 50

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Magna Wave PEMF Treatment

We are currently specializing in acute, sub-acute and chronic conditions (tendons, ligaments, bones, hoof issues, muscle atrophy, lameness, arthritis, etc...) as well as maintenance programs. We individualize treatment plans based on the horses needs as well as the owners concerns. Our services are derived from recommended  quasi-protocols that will be adjusted to meet your needs.

We take many factors into consideration when developing a plan,such as the timing of the injury/ illness/ disease state, location, past/current treatments, financial circumstances, and scheduling. With this our plans are affordable, negotiable and can be modified to meet your needs!!

Contact us today to see how much you can save with our treatment plans vs. individual sessions.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of massage or PEMF to your horse or that friend of yours who has horses. Our gift certificates are good for 6 months and are the perfect gift for that special someone who owns a horse or two (or three or four).

Contact Valley Equine Massage today to get yours!

Free Massage Drawing

Look out for chance to enter a drawing for a  free horse massage at locations around the Bitterroot. The locations are TBA. The winner will get a free gift certificate for a horse massage.