Terms & Conditions

What you can expect 
  • Arrive on time

  • Provide Compassionate care in a safe environment

  • Explain what I am doing, observing, feeling...

  • To give you instructions & demonstrations on techniques that may implement at home between appointments

  • A written session note sent to you address on file, with any aftercare recommendations or follow ups

  • Maintain HIPAA for Horses Policy

My expectations
  • ​Your horse is free from distractions

  • Scheduling during slower times around the barn

  • Have your horse ready {caught, fed, blankets off, lightly groomed (large pieces of debris and dirt removed), horses back should be dry}

  • Prepare an area that your horse feels comfortable and safe- barn aisles clear of muck buckets, wheelbarrows, rakes, etc...

  • If your horse enjoys massage in the pasture, please move remainder of herd to adjoining pasture- please keep dogs at a distance

  • I will not be able to massage or do PEMF therapies on horses under sedation, unless I am under direct supervision from your Vet.

  • If your horse has not been handled, I cannot work on it. I am not a trainer.

During the Session

Holding your horse on a loose lead, untied in a stall, cross tied are all acceptable. If you choose to hold your horses lead during a session, I ask that you allow the horse to respond naturally to the techniques I am applying. Do not be surprised if your horse moves into the pressure or leans into me. The horse is not in a training session and are not expected to act that way.

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Payment is expected at the time of service. At this time we accept Cash, Checks, Credit and Debit Cards.

Cancellation Policy

We appreciate a 24 hour notice for appointment cancellations, inclement weather will be taken into consideration.